Lineup of Sales Items

From pallets to stretch film, racks, and other large storage equipment, UPR has a wide variety of products related to logistics.

With a large network of industry connections including oversease, UPR can provide customers with just what they require.

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  • Plastic Pallet

    Plastic Pallet

    Lightweight, easy to handle, water resistant pallet. Since they can be used for a long time, plastic pallets offer high cost performance.

  • Nesting Rack

    Nesting Rack

    The goods storage space can be effectively laid out and goods can be stored three-dimensionally in the warehouse without being damaged.

  • Mesh Box

    Mesh Box

    Convenient for carrying goods which are subdivided. Since it can be folded, it does not take up space during storage.

  • Cargo Dolly

    Cargo Dolly

    Plays an active part in the transportation and storage of goods after unloading from the pallet. Small turning curve makes work more efficient!

  • Pallet Support

    Pallet Support

    Suitable for stacking unbalanced cargo such as bags. You can make effective use of space without damaging the products.

  • handlift


    Used to move pallets carrying goods. Manual work is possible and it is convenient for detailed movements.

  • Roller Conveyor

    Roller Conveyor

    Goods can be moved while on the pallet within the factory or warehouse, helping to improve the efficiency of the logistics process.

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