Values of Rental

The merit of pallet rental is that it makes pallets easy to use whenever and only as much you want to at your convenience.
There are times when you need a lot of pallets in busy seasons, while at other times you don’t need many.

If each company owns an amount of pallets that matches their busy season, it takes a lot of investment and storage space.

However, if you construct a mechanism to rent and return the necessary amount of pallets at the necessary time, multiple companies can use each pallet effectively.
upr always holds types and numbers of pallets to respond to customer's needs.

What’s good about RENTAL Pallet??

  • No initial Cost

    Simply rent from us.
    No need to buy.

    No initial Cost
  • Only when
    you need

    Just own your average.
    and rent when you need more.

    Only when you need
  • Cut running cost

    Compare with your
    current cost.

    Cut running cost

How RENTAL pallet works?

  • case1

    Short term storage

    An influx of extra cargo for
    short duration.

    Shortage of pallets and racks
    due to influx.

    Short term storage

  • case2

    Limited term project

    A new testing milk run route?
    Rent pallets only during testing

    Limited term project

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